Interconnected areas of work

Formative and operational research

We undertake both rapid ethnographic studies and longer-term fieldwork. In building a strong evidence base, we collect, analyse and apply empirical data to inform the design, content and orientation of health policies and programmes focusing on the relevance, appropriateness and acceptability of interventions.

Monitoring and evaluation

Ongoing monitoring and evaluation is key to adequate measurement and reporting. We design strategies and suitable criteria for multi-levelled monitoring and evaluation that clearly target a programmatic cycle and reporting requirements. We also conduct independent mid-term reviews and end-of-programme evaluations.

Strategic partnerships

In addition to focused consultancies, we also establish partnerships for longer-term engagement. This enables sustained collaboration, allowing us to contribute to an organisation’s or institution’s research, development and evaluation capacity, and to provide external advice and support when necessary.

Presentation of research

We publish in international peer-reviewed journals and regularly present at conferences and symposia. Anthrologica is a member of several professional bodies, and we aim to contribute to the arenas of international health, development and social science through our rigorous approach and the dissemination of our work.


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